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WAIKATO TIMES: Rowing champs reward huge crowd

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Husky Men Fall to New Zealand Eight in Great Race :: UW rowers compete vs. Waikato University in river race

Page down about 10 paragraphs:  New Zealand Herald - Rowing: Tonks in for long haul - Saturday 10, September 2005 21:24.00 PM - Sport

New Zealand Herald - Rowing: Omens good for Americans - Friday 09, September 2005 10:18.00 AM - Sport

More 9/8/05 from Tyler, Kiel and Adam:

Last nights Ergo competition was incredible.  It was in a bowling alley packed with people.  The majority of the fans (and by majority I mean EVERYONE except the team and our support crew) were Waikato faithful.  Our race was preceded by the women's challenge and the men's trans-tasmin.  The women's challenge was between the Aussie's and the University of Waikato. After that race the Aussie men and the Kiwi men battled.  These were just warm ups for us.  We were last to go, and the crowd was pumped for it.  First went the bow four. Craig Tyler in bow, Adam VanWinkle in 2, Tad McCrea in 3, and Tyler Smith in 4.  It was a 750 race, as a crew on sliders we beat the Waikato guys by .5 seconds.  Stern four, comprised of Rob Gibson in 5, Drew Fowler in 6, Steve Full in 7 and Kiel Petersen in stroke.  The stern four made the fastest time on the night, faster than both the Australian and Kiwi elite national teams comprised of world and Olympic champions.  The stern four beat the Waikato boys by 1.5 seconds.  The crowd seemed shocked that some young American boys could beat their local crew.  The Waikato boys' youngest guy is 20 and oldest is 29 (the 29 year old is Nathan Twaddle who just won worlds in a pair last week). So we are very young in comparison.  We are looking forward to the race tomorrow.

Tyler, Kiel, & Adam

P.S.  Photos courtesy of Dustin Kraus

Bow 4 Stern 4    

Update 9/8/05:

By our calculation of time zones, the race is scheduled to begin at 7:00 pm, Friday, September 9, Seattle time (2:00 pm NZ time, 9/10).  Here is a converter - New Zealand current local time  (Note:  the time calculator at the top of the screen on the Great Race website calculates off of your client computer time, i.e. if you are in Seattle, it is showing how many days, hours etc. until 2 pm Seattle time on the 10th - not the time of the actual start of the race.)  Keep an eye here for results:  The Great Race and here University of Washington - GoHuskies.

Husky Men Row Up River in New Zealand :: UW eight competes against Kiwi crew in The Great Race

The Seattle Times: College Sports:  Huskies' crew faces upstream Kiwi battle

WAIKATO TIMES : SPORT - STORY : New Zealand's leading news and information website: After the reward comes the pain for world champ rower

Husky fans will want to take a look at the Waikato line-up here - The Great Race - news

These will be seasoned NZ athletes, many having international experience ( including at least one Olympian and 2005 world champ) that the Huskies will be facing off against.  In many respects, this event is the New Zealand equivalent to the featured event at the Windermere Cup - with a very similar level of competition.

A fundamental difference however - if this was in Seattle, the race would begin not at the end of the Cut, but over in Bellevue (it's an approximate 3 miler); and, of course, it would be against a current.

Update 9/7/05:

From Tyler Smith -

Attached are some pictures from Lake Karapiro where we were training prior to our transfer to Hamilton.  On the lake we were training 2 times a day and were able to enter into a local 10.5k regatta.  We were the only men's eight other than a couple of high school crews.  Training has been going well, rowing on the river is very different than the lake, and we are looking forward to matching up with Waikato.  Tonight we are racing 750 meters on the erg in a bowling alley in downtown Hamilton.  The race is stern four then bow four of each eight against one another.  The ergs are in a line of four all attached to sliders.  It is going to be a blast, last year attendance was in the hundreds.   Each erg race is projected onto a big screen for everyone to see in the alley.  We're all fired up!  We will send some more emails with some more pictures....

Photos from Tyler:

  Springtime (almost) in NZ   On the river (from Bob)

Check out some of the recent articles in NZ here - The Great Race

The Washington men's team has been invited to participate in New Zealand's "Great Race", a roughly three mile upstream battle against the highly regarded Waikato University rowing team.

The race will take place September 10th on the Waikato River in Hamilton, NZ.  The atmosphere is similar to our Opening Day, with crowds lining the river banks in a very festive atmosphere.  Bob Ernst will be taking an eight comprised of athletes eligible for the 2006 season.  More information as it comes in.  In the meantime, check out the Great Race website here - The Great Race - the organizers expect a sizable crowd.

We will have coverage and photos here as the team prepares for this event.

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