Head of the Charles 2006

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Huskies in the fast lane on the Charles 10/22.  Al Erickson/WRF photos.

UW Men Capture Collegiate First at the Head of the Charles :: Washington women finish in sixth place

Sunday, October 22:

Men's results:  U.S. Natl Team 14:09;  Washington 14:22;  Yale 14:25;  Penn A/C 14:30;  Brown 14:33;  Wisconsin 14:35;  Brown Alumni 14:35;  Oxford 14:36;  Cambridge 14:37.7;   Princeton 14:37.9;  Cal  14:38.4  Race summary:  Washington rowed the body at a 32, had the fastest collegiate times to all markers.

Women's results:  U.S. Natl Team 15:37;  Canadian Natl Team 15:55;  Princeton 16:13;  Virginia 16:15;  Yale 16:20;  Washington 16:34.3;  Tennessee 16:34.5;  Stanford 16:36;  Northeastern 16:37;  WSU 16:39  Race summary:  Washington trailed early but then gathered their pace and had a huge sprint - moving from 13th to 6th - in the last three minutes of the race.

UW Crew Sends a Pair of Eights to Head of the Charles :: The men and women will each field a boat in the Championship Eights

Women's entries (Championship Eights, Sunday, Oct. 22, 4:26 pm edt):  Washington, Brown, Harvard, Princeton, Virginia, WSU, Michigan, and 38 other entries including Cambridge (UK), and the US and Canadian national teams.

Men's entries (Championship Eights, Sunday, Oct. 22, 4:10 pm edt):  Washington, Harvard, Cal, Brown, Princeton, Wisconsin, Northeastern, Navy, and 35 other entries including Cambridge (UK), Oxford (UK) and the US national team.

The two top women's varsity boats and a novice crew out on Lake Washington Saturday morning, 10/14.  Tough to fully represent the intensity and sheer effort left out on the water that morning - as the team gears up to send one boat back east for the Head of the Charles - but these photos give a decent measure of the commitment and desire of these Washington athletes.  Eric Cohen/WRF photos, 10/14/06.


Photos from a spectacular Saturday morning out with the men's varsity squad.  Eric Cohen/WRF photos, 10/7/06.



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