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Take a listen to the last 500 meters of the 1997 IRA varsity final here (added 2/8/07) - IRA Final Open Mic - thank you Sean Mulligan.

Kristi Norelius '82 (added 10/31/06):  Olympic champion and UW Hall-of-Famer Kristi Norelius in an exceptional interview on the the balance of rowing, mental preparation, and the '81 National Championship - Balance of Rowing (mp3 file, 3 minutes).  She also talks about the Washington rowing program and the impact rowing has had on her life - Kristi Norelius '82 and Husky Crew (mp3 file, 2 minutes).  And as a bonus - here she is remembering the 1984 Olympic Women's Eight race.  (mp3 file, 1 minute)

Vic Fomo '42 (added 10/18/06):  Remember when tuition was $28 a quarter?  Neither do I.  But Vic Fomo does, and he talks about his introduction to the sport and what Husky Crew has meant to him - Vic Fomo '42  and Husky Crew (mp3 file, 2 minutes).

Also,  listen as Vic describes one of the wildest races in IRA history - the 1940 JV 3 mile final;  in the first race, most entries sunk and the race was postponed;  in the re-race, the Huskies won in the pitch black of night...1940 JV Final  (mp3 file, 3 minutes).  More about this race here - 1940's

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Video:  Head of the Charles 2006 - Men

Video:  Head of the Charles 2006 - Women

Video: Spirit of '58 Ceremony - Phil Kieburtz christens the Spirit of 58' with water from the finish line on the Cut.  5/9

Video:  Windermere Cup - Men's JV  5/7

Video:  Windermere Cup - Men's Pair Challenge  5/7

Video:  Windermere Cup - Women's Varsity  5/7

Video:  Windermere Cup - Men's Varsity  5/7

Video: Conibear Shellhouse - Take a 45 second tour of:  the south facade; boatbays; erg/team room; south entry/stairwell; main entry dining level  4/30

Video: OSU/Washington Men's Varsity   4/30

Video: OSU/Washington Women's Varsity  4/30

Video: OSU/Washington Women's JV  4/30

Video:  Huskies win in Moscow in 1958   Watch the Huskies win in Moscow, with Keith Jackson covering the story in the famous play by play broadcast from behind the Iron Curtain.  Stroke oar and Olympic Gold Medalist John Sayre re-tells the story in a 2003 Centennial interview.

Video: Cal/Washington Men's Varsity   4/23

Video: Cal/Washington Women's Varsity  4/23

Video: Cal/Washington Men's JV  4/23

Video: Men's JV's at Windermere Classic  4/12


Other Audio

Listen:  Bob Moch and the 1936 Olympics - Bob Moch, the legendary coxswain of the 1936 varsity, in a 2002 interview describing the 1936 race and what rowing meant to him.  mp3 format, 1:29

Listen: Cliff Hurn and Husky Crew - Cliff Hurn, stroke of the 1970 IRA champion varsity, describes the IRA final in a 2004 interview.  mp3 format, 2:21

Listen: Huskies at Henley, 1977 - Mike Hess, stroke of the Henley champion varsity, describes the final against the British National team at Henley in a 2003 interview.  Windows Media format, 1:32

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