Fall/Winter Pictures 2003/04

Here are the latest pictures (2/04) of the shellhouse demolition (and the new Camp Coni, and a crystal clear February day) - thank you Sean M. (click on the picture to expand):


More pictures of the Shellhouse rebuild can be found at:
November Turnout:      
Thank You Sean M:      
From the "So Long Connie" Party January 9, 2004:      
Left to right:  Phil Henry '94, Mikal Norman '90, Kyle Enger '92, Toby Lumpkin '91, Charlie Fix '89 Look at all the soft drinks and yet everyone has a red cup?  Left to right:  Ed Ives '83, Al Erickson '82, Eric Cohen '82, Chris Pugel '83 Rick Cole '69 and Brian Miller '70 in their old room at Connie.  What we all want to know is:  why didn't they have sprinklers in the rooms when we lived there?
Pictures from the January snowstorm - thank you Sean -      


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