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Note: We have been forced to disable our forms due to site destabilizing activity.  Until we have the chance to re-write the forms, please just send us an email with your name, email address, home address (if you want the newsletter delivered to your home) and alums give us your class year.  Please email to: webdev (at)  Thank you!

Get signed up today for the Husky Crew Newsletter featuring timely information on pre/post race functions, updated racing schedules, sponsored events, and exclusive pictures as well as coaches commentary - commentary that you will not find anywhere else.

Most of our communications now will be handled by email, but there will be at least two editions of the Husky Rowing News each year being sent by regular mail as well as email.  In addition, you will receive any postcards or special event reminders that are mailed to our fans!

If you prefer only receiving email newsletters and notices, just fill in the email portion and also let us know if you are a friend/alum/parent and, if you are an alum, your class.

Looking for a recent article or interview?  See below for our archive of newsletters dating back to the 2005 season.

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